„Cooking“ isn’t just becoming more popular in Europe, America and Australia. Its meaning for social life and leisure is growing every day. Cooking is becoming more and more prominent in the media, Chefs turn to rock stars, restaurants are being hyped, the market for preparing and enjoying food grows steadily.

…. And of course! The significance of cooking as a hobby and a passion is rapidly increasing.

Every year more than 30 million tourists are spending about 300 million nights in Thailand!

30 million tourists fancy the Thai cuisine, which they get to know on their holiday or already love from home.

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Your Value

Your resort isn’t fully booked during peak or low season times?

Cooking classes can be held in your facilities?

Yes? “My Thai Cooking Class” as an additional offer for your hotel guests lets your business stand out competition.

“My Thai Cooking Class” organises the program, provides sale and distribution and creates additional bookings for your hotel.

You are staging the classes according the concept of “My Thai Cooking Class”.

Costs? Apart from expenses “My Thai Cooking Class” charges a fee per attendee.



The cooking teacher is a genuine Thai. He or she is a true original. Them serving with humour guarantees the well-being of your guest. The classes are held in English.


No overfilled classes. To be able to take care of some individual support the classes shouldn’t exceed more than 10 or 12 guests.


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